Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Poor Tayt was too little to ride on any rides, so she was stuck in the stroller pretty much all day.

It was so amazing the all the different things they had made out of legos. This was our favorite of course.

We also went to the Sea Life place they had there. It was pretty cool. The boys really liked it.


CK Black Family said...

You go guys! Look at all your fun traveling! That little Tayt is adorable - I want one!!!

The Colemans said...

i am glad you haven't forgotten how to post.
looks like a lot of fun. When r we going to the zoo? I am serious.

Falyn said...

Looks like fun!! Tayt is so flipping cute, she gets cuter everyday!

Heather said...

It's so fun to see pics of the family - my how you've grown! Ashlee - you're blonde again! We loved Lego land too. The Star Wars thing looks new - I guess we'll have to go back soon. Take care

Jana said...


I've always wanted to go to legoland and now i see your pics it makes me even want to go more. You'll have to send me all your info on where you stayed and all the fun stuff you did while you were there!! Also what format do you use for your layout i like your stuff on the right hand side of your screen! I look forward to hearing from you. Jana

Phil and Tessa said...

Hey Ashley! I don't think I spelled your name right...it's been too long. I just found your blog and your family is adorable! Congrats to Mitch for being finished with medical school! That's amazing. It's good to see you!