Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Poor Tayt was too little to ride on any rides, so she was stuck in the stroller pretty much all day.

It was so amazing the all the different things they had made out of legos. This was our favorite of course.

We also went to the Sea Life place they had there. It was pretty cool. The boys really liked it.

San Diego

Mitch had to go to San Diego to some meetings so we decided to go along. Jaron had been talking a lot about the ocean and he was so excited to get to see it. That was all we heard the whole drive was are we to the ocean yet. Dax couldn't wait to play in the ocean either.

This was out the back of our room. We were out having a little snack. I think the ducks got more of their snack than they did though. You could tell the ducks had been fed a lot. One took Daxton's cookie right out of his hand.

We are just heading out to the pool. There were about five or six different pools around. We had two right by our room so we tried them both out.

Daxtons first trip to the ER

Dax was standing on a chair in the kitchen rearranging my magnets on my calender and tipped over backwards. I was in the back and heard him crying so I came to see what had happened. I didn't even know he had hit his head until he told me he was bleeding. Me being the big wimp that I am, couldn't even look at it. Luckily Kylie came just in time. She sat with the kids while I ran him down to see his daddy. He ended up having four staples in his head. He was so big and sat so still.